About Us

AtoZdatabases is the premier reference and marketing database marketed to Library, Academic, and Government institutions throughout the U.S. This simple, user-friendly, web-based solution provides details on businesses and households within the U.S.

Better Data and Better Search

We have created a more useful reference product for library patrons such as: job seekers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, students, marketing researchers, career counselors, and so many more patrons of the libraries.

It's Easier than Ever

This will help entrepreneurs conduct prospecting, help students complete market studies, and help community members get more use out of our database.

Our Pricing Philosophy

We realize in these tough economic times, libraries are going through severe budget cuts. However, our reference data is so useful to unemployed people looking for jobs and small businesses looking for sales leads, that librarians cannot be without such valuable information available online to their patrons.

Why AtoZdatabases?